Ayvalık : The pearl of Balıkesir

If you are planning a holiday, dreaming of a place where nature, sea and history are together and you do not want to go south or if you want to make a change this year, Ayvalık is a holiday destination for you. Ayvalık, a district of Balıkesir, is located in the middle of İzmir and Balıkesir. Equally distant to both cities, Ayvalık is flooded by tens of thousands of tourists each year with its natural and historical riches. Ayvalık is one of the rare places where nature and history embrace with its hundreds of years old olive trees, fragrant pine forests, sparkling sea, narrow streets and old Greek houses. Here is some reasons for traveling to Ayvalık.

Ayvalık has many options for sightseeing and attractions. In the center of the district, in the narrow cobblestone streets, among the protected hundreds of years old Greek houses, you can feel smell of history. It is a special pleasure to sip your tea in one of the tea gardens lined by the sea with views of the islands. In the meantime, you will have the opportunity to taste the famous Ayvalık Toast.

When Ayvalık is mentioned, Cunda (Alibey) Island comes to mind. Cunda Island is the largest of the 20 islands near Ayvalık. You can go by boat from the coast of Ayvalık or reach the island by road over the bridge that forms the connection. Both options reach Cunda Island after half an hour.

You can visit Taksiyakis Church on Cunda Island which preserves its historical atmosphere with its old Greek houses, narrow streets, churches and windmills.

One of the must-see places in Ayvalık is Paradise Hill and Devil’s Table. The common features of these two hills, located in separate locations, are spectacular views. Devil’s Table is located on a high hill in the town of Sarımsaklı. Looking down from here you will see a unique view. Another feature of Devil’s Table is that it is the best place to watch the sunset. For this reason, trips to the hill are usually concentrated in the evening.

The most convenient way to get to Ayvalik is by road. Anywhere in Turkey, Ayvalık direct bus service is available. Those who prefer the airline can land in Balıkesir and then take a bus or minibus to Ayvalık. The distance between Balıkesir and Ayvalık is 2.5 hours.