How to keep your battery healthy and in high performance

One of the most important tips of keeping a device’s battery healthy and using it for a long time is undoubtedly knowing its structure and acting correctly. Lithium batteries are the most widely used type of batteries today. The most important feature of these batteries is that they are charged quickly and have more charging cycles than previous batteries. So lithium ion batteries are more durable and long lasting. But this does not make them perfect in all circumstances. Because, for healthy and long-lasting batteries, the following tips are important to pay attention to. Here is the list how to keep your battry healthy and in high performance.

Do not to use the phone while it is charging

Charged phones allow you to use the phone while directing power to the motherboard and storing power. In some devices, the energy collected in the battery is transferred to the motherboard at the same time and charging and discharging take place simultaneously. However, no matter what year your device belongs, using it while  charging will definitely damage it. The battery  and charging adapter heat up and the heat is the biggest enemy of the battery.

Wait for the device to fully discharge before charging again

This is one of the most common mistakes. You may want to create a healthy cycle when using the phone and charging the battery completely, but that doesn’t make sense. While doing this, you can increase the number of charging cycles and shorten the battery life. In particular, it is recommended that the new generation batteries be charged before the end.  The healthiest charge percentages have been observed between 30% and 60%.

Do not keep applications and settings that consume unnecessary charges

There is no need to tell us that many applications like location services, bluetooth, Wifi, etc. draw data in the background and use the battery. However, in other third-party applications that want to access this data, they still have a big share in consuming battery life. However, some other fine adjustments such as manual screen brightness rather than automatic screen brightness will also contribute to battery life.

Close your running  applications in the background

This is one of the important things we need to pay attention. Running applications in the background heats the battery up and cause to discharge of batteries in less time.

If we pay attention and take the necessary precautions, we can keep all of our devices (not only laptops and phones) healthy and running in high performance.

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