What is Muay Thai: Origins of Muay Thai

Muay Thain is a martial art of defense with Thailand origin. It is places in the boxing category and known as Thai Boxing in the world. Muay Thai is not in the same class as kickboxing. The two are mistaken most of the time. This leads to a common misunderstanding. Although there are significant similarities between them, the most important difference is that Muay Thai allows you to use elbows. Sometimes it is recorded as 8 extract science. This statement came about because you use almost every part of your body as a weapon. You should use almost every part of your body by applying pressure on your fingers, knees, feet, forehead, fists and elbows.

Origins and history Muay Thai

Muay Thai boxing was founded 2000 years ago and is known as one of the oldest martial arts. Although it dates back to only 700 years ago, there is a general consensus that it started in China 2000 years ago.

Muay Thai is called “the martial art of kings ”. Because when a king named Sen Muajng Ma died in 1411, his sons fought to seize the throne using this martial art. Many kings were known not only to rehearse Muay Thai’s martial art, but also to challenge their opponents. The only problem is that it is considered inappropriate to touch the emperor. Thus, a king named Phra Buddha Choa Sua would enroll in various tournaments as an ordinary person, attempting to deceive spectators and dissidents. He won all his matches and eventually rose to the national championship and won first place

Muay Thai: Thailand Boxing

Most of the world knows Muay Thai as Thai boxing. Although Thai boxing’s closest fame comes from Jean Claude Van Damme’s movies and other similar films, this martial art is considered one of the most barbaric forms of self-defense.

No martial arts encourage the use of limbs in each leg to attack, and other martial arts limit their striking areas on the waist. In Thai boxing, you are allowed to kick your knee, kick and punch your opponent’s legs. Many opponents who are not accustomed to using leg kicks will literally lose the match due to the terrible pain given as a result of the technique.

In Muay Thai, hands, elbows, kicks and knees are used in basic attack techniques. In Muay Thai, kicks, punches and blocks are all used with the rotation of the whole body and the hips, and these techniques give slower than other martial arts but give greater strength.

Before the competition, the contestants perform certain ceremonial dances for both religious and warming purposes.