Story of a supernova : What is supernova?

What is Supernova?

Supernova is the explosion of a star whose energy is exhausted. Supernovae are the biggest explosions in space. Generally, it is an explosion that lasts for a few weeks and in the meantime causes an excessive illumination of the galaxy in which they are located.

Supernovae generally occur in other galaxies. However, it is very difficult to observe in the Milky Way galaxy we are in because dust clouds prevent us from seeing. The first known supernova was observed by Chinese astronomers in 185 AD. In 1604, Johannes Kepler discovered the last observed supernova in the Milky Way. NASA’s Chandra telescope found a supernova that took place more recently.

Formation of Supernova

Supernovae are the result of a change in the center or core of a star. This change can occur in two different ways, resulting in a supernova. The first type of supernovae occur in binary star systems. Binary stars consist of two stars in the same orbit. The white star, one of the two stars, consisting of a carbon-oxygen mixture, steals matter from the other star. In the end, the white star is loaded with too much substance. Charging too much material causes the star to burst, which means supernova formation. The second type of supernovae occurs when the life span of a single star ends. When the star’s nuclear energy is depleted, some of its mass flows into its nucleus.

As a result, the core becomes very heavy because it cannot resist its own gravitational force. The core collapses, resulting in a large explosion. It is a single star in the sun, but it does not have enough mass to become a supernova.

Explosion of it occurs in a very short time, but these explosions can give us a lot of information about the universe.

Why are Supernovae important for us?

Supernovae are indications that we live in a very large universe and that the universe is constantly expanding. Scientists have also found that these explosions play a major role in the dispersion of the elements in the universe. When a star explodes, the elements and debris are dispersed in space with the effect of the explosion.

Many of the elements that we find on Earth have occurred in the nuclei of stars. These elements travel to create new stars, planets and everything else in the universe. A supernova explosion makes a great contribution to this trip.

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