How air pollution affects respiratory system and microflora

This article is about the effects of air pollution on respiratory system and microflora. You will find one of the recent studies carried out.

We share almost every part of our body with microorganisms. This natural microorganism population in our body is called microflora. Microflora is the most popular microorganism in our digestive system. In the light of recent studies, the importance and necessity of microflora health for our body health began to be better understood. In a recent study, this time a connection was established between the microorganism communities in the airways and the negative effects of air pollution.

Many studies have shown that air pollution significantly increases the risk of health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory system diseases and stroke. However, it is not clear what the connection is based on.

Jacopo Mariani from University of Milan in Italy and his team of study counted 40 people living in and around Milan in investigating one possible cause of this connection. 40 volunteers took samples from the nasal mucosa and tried to understand and prove whether air pollution affects the bacteria present in the nasal mucosa. After examining these samples, J. Mariani and his team used DNA sequence analyzes to identify bacteria found in the respiratory tract.

Subsequently, the bacterial composition was compared with the air pollution levels measured in the areas where the subjects lived and at the monitoring stations nearby.

Bacterial diversity was lower in samples taken from the noses of the people living in the places where air pollution was found to be more intense. On the other hand, bacterial diversity was found to be higher in samples taken from the airways of individuals where air pollution was low.

Mariani says this is the first research to link air pollution to respiratory microbes in healthy people, and he thinks that this issue should get more attention.

It is not possible to disagree with Italian academician J. Mariani since we know that microflora change or decrease in diversity leads to many diseases. Air pollution is a problem that we create and threatens human health and generation seriously.