Why is web design an important factor in SEO?

Many people think the key to a great website is how pretty, flashy or technologically superior it is. Nothing is farther from the truth. Designing a site to be appealing to search engines is a much more important factor. In this article, you will find why web design is an important factor in SEO.

Tons of information is available on the Internet about SEO and the best practices for web developers. As a two fold project, your website should be designed to be search engine friendly and then professional web marketers need to work on your site’s SEO. That is the best of both worlds because right from the beginning your site will be friendly to users abd to spiders.

But, what if you already have a site that isn’t producing the results you want? Help is still available.

Too often, business owners complain, “We have a really great website, but we have no traffic. We love our website design, but we want more people to visit our site.” So, a competent SEO professional will do a site analysis, first. Frequently, they find a gorgeous, visually appealing site with terrific flash and loaded with elegance. What they don’t find is a site that is not user friendly, meaning it is difficult to navigate or so “flashy” that people simply don’t know where to click. A shopper will get very frustrated very quickly, in this instance, loosing you a potential sale.

Second, the sites haven’t been optimized in any way to be spider friendly. It is not architecturally sound with regard to meeting the needs of search engines. The story SEO professionals hear is the web developer decided something looked really good and just went with it and did not take anything else into consideration.

If this has happened to you, it is time to stop and go back to square one. You will have to have your website totally revamped. Even if you spent a lot of money on your first website, if you aren’t getting traffic, then it is money wasted, anyway. Not reinvesting in your website will cost you a lot in terms of lost revenue.

The longer you wait to update your site the more money your company will loose. The worse thing you can do is nothing at all.

If you are presented with a proposal that is not search engine friendly and is not user friendly, then move along. The prettiness of the site is the LAST thing you should consider. It doesn’t matter if everyone in your company thinks the site looks good, business today depends on traffic to the site. It depends on exposure and high rankings. Allowing managers, or even a web designer who doesn’t know about web marketing, to design your site is a bad business decision. Ultimately, you will not achieve your goal of creating a web presence.