What is the effectiveness of an advertising e-mail?

Have you ever thought about what can the effectiveness of an advertising e-mail be?

If you have the permission of the recipients, with information on your tastes and needs proper management and the messages that are sent as e-mail can be a powerful resource for marketing.

The ability to send mass messages to email addresses in any way the image has prostituted art of direct marketing and advertising.

Internet users are weary of losing important messages because our mailboxes were collapsed by unsolicited commercial email.

We also traumatized by the time the PC is lost or we collapsed all the information on the hard disk with the virus that came to us in the “attachment” of a promotional email.

If you’re trying to do business on the Internet do not throw away your money and do not discredit the image of your company with advertising campaigns for e-mail, if you do not comply with the following conditions.

Move closer to your customer “for good”

While common sense is the least common sense, ask their permission to send advertising messages to customers is a basic requirement for your campaign is effective.

Remember that the mailbox is a channel much more personal than TV, radio or press, and is closer to the phone, what would you do if you receive a phone call every 2 or 3 minutes to sell products and services?

Ask your customers if they want to receive information about you from time to time, is not only a strategic and commercial gesture of courtesy, but it is the practice of the quality of respect you feel for their customers.

When your customers give their permission, or subscribe voluntarily to their mailing list, you have 50% more likely to read their e-mails. Otherwise, your chances are near zero.

Remember that the customer wants and contemporary consumer has more control over their choices and options trading. I do not see as an “objective” but as “partner” is essential to its business.

Do you know enough about your customers?

Customers are not an invoice number or purchase order. Are natural or legal person, with dreams and aspirations. Whoever wants to sell you something you need to know about their likes and needs to have, what the marketing experts Laman, “a profile” details from their customers.

Unfortunately, this idea leads many companies to overestimate the value of technological databases. Small organizations are so sophisticated that it will inhibit investment in this, and what the big issue down to a software and servers.

Good customer databases, with detailed information on variable and the lifestyle of customers, and are updated continuously. But this is not possible if one has no ferrea culture of service and customer care.

Only the vision of leading service companies to create, maintain and develop different mechanisms of interaction with clients that allow you to obtain the data needed intelligence information to become a key marketing and sales.

No matter if it’s a portfolio of thirty three thousand, thirty thousand, three hundred thousand or three million customers. Your chances of selling are directly proportional to the quality of information you have them.

Proper management of messages

To send the right message to the right person at the right time and through email, we have to see communication as a process of double-track and long term.

Advertising e-mail does not work as ads for restaurants where a road seldom passes. The e-mail is half so personal that only works when advertising is aimed at developing a relationship with the client.

Unless you have a powerful brand image (essentially built off the Internet) is unlikely that our messages draw attention or be credible, no matter how “yellow” or who are stereotyped attractions.

Marketing and sales process as a two-way communication and feedback also implies a willingness to make adjustments to our messages on the fly, to refine the linkages with our customers.

Management plan means the messages of the same dosage, depending on the interaction of inducing customers to learn from them and incorporate this learning to all business processes, not just sales.

The management of the messages you will not only adapt to changing tastes and needs that have permanent customers, but to anticipate them, or better yet, generate them.