What is Laravel used for ?

Laravel is an open source PHP framework, which has many advanced features, structures and takes advantage of the benefits of PHP and OOP,  enables the development of web applications. In this article you will find what is laravel used for ?

Properties of Laravel

It gives the possibility to develop the applications you want by writing really simple and clean code.

Syntax is very simple and meaningful. You won’t be forced to get used to it, it can be learned quickly.

It has the flexibility to design all kinds of web applications, from small applications that host a few processes to large corporate projects.

It takes advantage of all the benefits of OOP and PHP so that we can work properly with current php features.


Object Relational Mapping (ORM)  is a structure that enables us to connect and manage our database (Object-Oritented) objects with our application. Without writing classical SQL statements, we can access and control the database through our objects and run queries. Works independently of ORM database. So you would use the same code for many databases like Mysql, SQLite, postgresql, MSSql, Oracle. There are many advantages, but we will not mention here.

Laravel uses Eloquent ORM. The most advanced Active Record application.

Blade Template

It has a template called  blade. Again, we can easily and simply integrate into your application interface. It is still easy to learn, you can prepare clean and dynamic interfaces and you won’t fight in html and php codes.


Laravel has a great route mechanism. You can make proper access redirects for APIs that get tirelessly clean URLs.

You can either redirect or filter through controls or redirect to your Controller classes.