The place of games in child education

Education is a huge process that started in our homes when we were still babies and continued until our death. What is the role of games in education? Can education and play come together? What happens if education and play are intertwined? This article is about the importance of games in child education.

Gameplay and gamification is an application that extends from e-commerce to the service sector.

Education and games come together at this point. Games can be used in two ways in the education of children. The first is gamification, performance system and reward system. The other is based on the place of games in education. New generation teachers are very successful in gamification. The teachers, who can prepare the competition environment within the framework of friendship, offer various prizes to the students with the educational content they play, and ensure their learning with fun. Unsuccessful children in games do not suffer any embarrassment or psychological problems.

Another issue is the use of games in education. We all see some news. The latest example was the use of Minecraft by some schools in Sweden as a tool for the development of intelligence. Minecraft game, which is used to increase children’s 3-D thinking, designing and increasing logic application, is still a subject of debate in our country. Another news is the use of Civilization. The game, which focuses on less war-based, scientific and cultural developments than the strategy games with history, has details such as religion extension and tourism. There are also details such as diplomatic negotiations, agreements, trade, resource use. These details have led the Civilization series to be used as an extracurricular training tool in the colleges of some Central European countries. Both the students and the teachers are happy with it.

There are also games aimed directly at brain development. Basic games such as jigsaw puzzles, puzzles and hand-eye coordination games are among the tools that educators should use.

If these trainings are initiated at an early age, they will have a direct impact on our children currently playing on the tablet. In addition to enjoying the games, I think we should make the combination of education and games more effective. I hope the number of mobs looking at games as a waste of time is reduced and the game is used effectively in child development. Training and games can be two integral parts in child education.