How to use Tumblr to get traffic to your site

This article is about my favourite microblogging site, Tumblr. Firs of all, I would like to define what the microblogging site and what Tumblr is actually.

Microblogging site is an online tool, which people share their thoughts, photos, videos, tools and contents. When someone submits their content, it is automatically and instantly published in user’s dasboard and naturally in his profile page. The better side is, it is also sent to user’s friends and followers. In that way, some content may spread all over the world on the net. This means a good traffic for a quality sites and money in the long run. Tumblr reminds an older site Pownce, which was my favourite years ago. Unlike Pownce, Tumblr has no tool to promote the links. It is submitted and published online without using any service and tool.

As you know, traffic is everything if own an online business. Whether you have a personal blog or a complex e-commerce shopping site, you can’t expect to make any real money online unless you drive more visitors to your website. Affiliate marketing is mostly a numbers game which means you will have a better chance of making sales by getting more people to visit your affiliate website. The are thousands of online and offline ways to get more traffic. Some of them are very easy to implement while other are a bit more complicated.

How can I join Tumblr ?

To join Tumblr, you should fill the registration form and actitave your membership by validating your email address.. Registration is free.

What should I do after registration ?

Without followers and friends, your membership is nothing. To let the other users know about your Tumblr profile and submissions, you have to make friends and followers. Simply check the other’s profiles or tumblr submissions and vote for publishings and reblog them. Add others by sending follow requests. Daily 30-50 followers is great to start.

I have enough followers now, what should I do then ?

If you think that you have enough followes, you can submit your links. You can submit your links directly by clickink link option is dashboard and filling the necessary field. Photo, audio and video submission are more effective than simple linking. For such submission, you should add photos or videos from original net source or from your own pc by browsing. Then add your links under submitted photos and videos. This makes your blog more impressive.

Every submission turns back to you as a potential backlink. If you check your backlinks by using backlink checking tools, you should see your traffic sources.

Tumblr is a popular micro-blogging site where users create and share small posts of about 140 words or less. What makes these micro-blogs, popularly known as tumblelogs, all the rage is their ease of customization and the freedom they provide for posting everything from photos to quotes, to emails, and even links. Moreover, signing up for Tumblr really does take only about 10 seconds. More and more people are attracted to micro-blogging due to its capability for posting short, incisive and hopefully witty messages about the poster’s latest doings, inventions, discoveries, observations, misadventures, etc. Tumblelogs even make it possible for people to post their art works and music audios and videos for public viewing.