How to use Google Trends in keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most important areas of Google Trends. However, it is overshadowed by Google’s Keyword Planner and other standard tools in the industry. In fact, Google Trends is an excellent starting tool for keyword research. With this tool, you can see the way you go much more clearly. This article is about how to use Google Trends in keyword research.

Google Trends offers you new keywords with different criteria than the Keyword Planner tool. For example, when you search for a keyword, it can show you related searches by ascending status. You must perform the necessary checks before adding the keywords listed here directly to your keyword list. Keep in mind that Google Trends has details that can show you people’s search behavior.

You can get very different results for the keyword you used on Google Trends. It is still in your hands to filter these results. Google is trying to bring together as much data as possible to provide a cluster result. Therefore, you may face many different queries that are related and unrelated to your searches.

However, you’ll immediately notice that Google Trends data is updated quickly and keyword list of new elements is more frequent. This gives you the opportunity to choose according to semantic relevance instead of simple keyword matching. This way, when creating a keyword, you always have the opportunity to find the keywords that are leading in popularity.

In addition, SEO experts have the opportunity to target specific queries before they reach the peak. Starting out with competition for these keywords can lead to a much higher potential reward.