How to earn Bitcoin by playing Febbit

I will introduce you to Febbit site to earn free Bitcoin actually satoshi. Especially with the arrival of the summer holiday, many people are thinking about what they will be busy with. Watch movies may be o good option but it is definitely not an activity that you will do all through the summer. You can earn Bitcoins very comfortably by checking the system I will introduce and doing the necessary things I recommend you. It won’t be hard to win free bitcoins, especially for people who spend most of their time on computer by playing games. Now let’s get to know the system. This article is about how to earn Bitcoin by playing Febbit game.

What is Febbit?

Febbit is a recently established system based on free Bitcoins. It doesn’t require investment, so get your heart at ease. All you have to do is check the system once in a while. You may immediately wonder where this system makes money. Thanks to adsense ads within the site, the site generates a good income.

How can I earn free Bitcoins?

To earn free Bitcoin in the system, the only thing you need to do is to constantly activate the balance of energy and cooling. When they are over, you have to activate them by clicking on them again. Otherwise, production will stop and you cannot earn free Bitcoin.

What you need to know:

The site has a level system and you gain 1 experience point each time you renew energy and cooling. You will also see a 1-hour digging process at the bottom. This is the part that brings you money and you can increase the efficiency here thanks to the chips you have. Chips are given to you as a gift during the initial renewal of cooling with energy and when you level up from time to time. You can use them in the chips section. You can also get more efficiency by increasing the level of your chips. You need a loan for this. You can earn credits at the end of digging process and when you pass to the next level.

Blue Chip: Increases percentage cooling and hash power, but lowers battery efficiency. So you should be careful when choosing.

Green Chip: Increases your energy power and you don’t have to constantly look at the site.

Purple Chip: Maybe it is the most important among them and it can increase your hash, ie your digging power. Especially those who have the opportunity to check the site continuously should prefer these chips


Payments are now made only to the FaucetHub account.

Febbit is also a referral system. You can earn Bitcoins from your referrals.

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