Five tips to drive traffic to your articles and blogs

In this article you will find five tips to drive traffic to your articles and blogs.

Here is the tips on how to increase trafic to your articles, websites and blogs.

Writing quality original articles are just not sufficient to drive traffic and increase page views of your blogs, websites and articles. One has to do active on line marketing of his/her articles once it has been published online. Thousands of articles are published each day, and unless you take up initiative and declare your presence in the virtual world of Internet, your hard work might get lost in the crowd. There are several ways to drive traffic to on line articles. Here are 5 easy steps to follow that will certainly make a difference to your article.

Usage of keywords: 

One has to use relevant keywords strategically to attract both the search engines and the readers. Before you begin writing, just do a role reversal. Write down the search terms, you as a reader, would have used to search a particular topic. These search terms can make very good keywords. You can also refer Google AdWords to shortlist relevant and popular keywords related to your article.

Submit links to Social Networking sites: 

Any successful online writer will suggest this method to pull traffic to articles. Once your article is published, submit the URLs to different social networking sites like Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc. This helps to drive a lot of traffic to your article.

Link articles: 

Do not forget to add relevant links to your articles. This method is very helpful to drive a lot of readers to your article. If you are writing for more than two different websites you can pull readers of one site to another by using links of one article to another. But, keep in mind the links should be relevant and related to your article.

Leave comments to other blogs: 

Read other’s work and give appropriate comments. If you are writing for sites like Quora or Hubpages, buzz up other’s articles and give positive votes if you like the articles and other people will do the same for you.

Write blog and share with friends: 

You can also pull readers from your blogs to your articles. Update your blog daily, maintain a portfolio of your published articles, and share it with friends and relatives.

Follow my tips to drive traffic to your articles and blogs, that is my golden rules, and see the difference.