10 great methods for quickly indexing your site by Google

In order for users who query with Google to access the content we add, GoogleBots need to visit our site and transfer links of newly added content to the Google data center. The faster this process works, the faster we can communicate our content to users who query with Google. But, of course, this process can often become very annoying, especially for new sites. So in this article, we’ll show you the methods for quickly indexing by Google.

My favourite 10 methods for quickly indexing by Google

Social Media

Sharing your last posts in your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google…etc.) will increase your indexing speed. There are many social media platforms. If you are not happy to share each post individually on all accounts, there are many tools available for sharing on the Internet in bulk.

Making changes on articles

Making changes on your posts means updating them. Of course,this update will not be overlooked by Google.

Comments on your articles

Commenting on the articles is like updating that page. Of course, these comments, changes and updates will catch GoogleBot’s attention.

Ping sites

Ping sites are services that send information about new posts added to your site. They are easy and fast to use. You can send information to Google through these services whenever you add new posts.

Increasing the speed of your website

If your site is fast, GoogleBot will visit your site more often. Thus, indexing will be faster. So, you need to optimize the site speed and make it as fast as possible.

Searching your post links on Google

We might think that searching for a link of your new post on Google is like sending information to Google in a way.

Adding your site to the Google Search Console

If your site is very new and you haven’t added it to the Google Search Console yet, just log in to the Google Search Console with your Gmail account and add your site as a property and make the necessary settings. In this way, Google will be constantly informed about your site.

Using site map

Sitemap is an XML file that puts links to the contents of your site in a certain order. Once you’ve added your site in the Google Webmaster Search Console, submit the Sitemap you’ve created for your site to Google. This will make GoogleBot easier and your site will be indexed more quickly.

Social bookmarking sites

Bookmarking sites are up-to-date sites where content is entered by many users at any time. You can get Google’s attention by sharing your site’s links on these platforms.

True backlink strategy

One of the most effective methods of fast indexing is to get backlinks to your site. If you ask why; the reason for this is that Google Bot will notice your site link while visiting the sites you receive backlinks. So try to get backlinks to your site from quality sites.

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