Well-known symptoms of sleep apnea

Just one second to death. This is exactly what I feel when I couldn’t breathe in my sleep yesterday night. It was like a nightmare and I was praying to God to be still alive when I woke up. A black nightmare diving into my dream and ready to get my life. Here is some well-known symptoms of sleep apnea.

First of all, you must know, almost %90 of the society suffers from sleep apnea but most of them aren’t aware of the fact that they have. Stopping of breath continues all the night without any indication. However,conscious patients know their symptoms since they care their overall health. In fact, it is relatively easy to determine whether someone is suffered or not. The symptoms are clear to be defined.

Here is the symptoms of sleep apnea. If you have or feel one of these symptoms, you should be more attentive on your health.

1. Snoring

This is the most determinant factor which is easy to be observed. Most of the time, snoring people are not aware of this but their friends, parents,bed partners or neighbors are not. Snoring disrupts the quality of sleep.

2. Silences during sleep

The frequency of silences is important . Frequent silences during sleep can change the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. The sudden changes and imbalances affect the quality of sleep and life as well.

3. Sleepiness

Patients have daytime sleepiness. This changes the biological clock of a person.

4. Headache

Poor quality sleep causes to high or low tension and daytime headaches.

5. Dry throat in the morning and night urination problems.

Patients mostly wake up with a dry throat and sour taste in the mouth in the mornings and most of the patients wake up frequently to pee during the night.

6. Mental and psychological problems

Continuos headache and blood pressure problem cause to mental problems such as memory loss, decreasing sex interest and sudden mood changes.

7. Tiredness

People always feel tired in daytime. They feel exhausted.

8. Perspiration during sleep

People feel wet and perspired when they wake up as if they run all the night.

Patients have to be treated as much as possible because sleep apnea may cause many other severe problems like imbalanced heart beating and risk of heart attack, increase in the size of heart, blood pressure problems, extreme tiredness, decrease in focusing, depression, metabolism problems, obesity and death of course.

Sleep disorders can be recovered if what brings about it is properly specified. The solution is actually the problem itself.