Obesity problems in children

Obesity, especially child obesity is one of the major health problems of 2000s. According to obesity statistics, Not only in USA, but also in Europe high percentage of the children suffers from obesity because of lack of physical activity, sedentary life style and imbalanced nutrition. In this article, you will find obesity problems in children and the ways to protect our children from obesity.

Ways of fighting against obesity problems in children

The best way to remain away from any disease is to prevent it. One of the serious health problems facing the world is facing today is obesity. This is normally taken as a condition that arises as a result of over eating but it is a disease.  There are many ways to prevent obesity.The best way to do is to start taking precautions at an early age. Just like any other health problem shows its symptoms, so does obesity.

The very first thing that you must do in order to prevent obesity is to stay active. If your lifestyle is active always then there are no chances of accumulating any fat. This does not mean that you need to rigorous workout daily. You must simply walk for a while as and when you can. Then you must always try to walk up the stairs if possible instead of taking lift. Another way to keep you active is to join a club. This would also make you socially active too.

Always eat healthy food. One of most effective ways recommended by FDA for prevention of obesity is to keep a check on how mush calories you consume each day. It must not exceed 2000 calories per day. The best foods you can add up to tailor your diet are dairy products, meats, breads and fruits and vegetables must be made essential.

You must drink a lot of water. Very often, people make mistake that dehydration is a signal for hunger. So drink at least 10 glasses of water in a day. Always watch your weight on weekly basis. If there is a sign that is going up and you are gaining weight, then start taking measures to loose and also to keep it in control. And as it is always recommended try your best to keep the junk food away and out of your house.