Incredible health benefits of guava fruit

Guava fruit, which is consumed in many countries, especially in Asian countries, is a health store with the benefits it provides. Guava fruit, which contains more vitamin C than citrus, also has a high folate mineral that increases fertility in humans. So, do you know what are the incredible health benefits of guava fruit?

Some fruits help keep our immune systems strong and give our brains the energy they need to function properly. Some fruits have more benefits than others. Guava, a tropical fruit of Central America, is one of these super fruits. The interior of the guava, which tastes like a mixture of fruits such as pineapple, grapefruit, banana and pear, contains very small hard seeds and is usually pink or salmon colored. Guava contains many essential vitamins and minerals. It is rich in B vitamins, vitamins A and C, copper, potassium, manganese, iron, folate and fiber. Potassium in guavas helps to balance blood pressure levels. A banana and a guava contain almost the same amount of potassium.

Incredible health benefits of guava fruit

As a super fruit, guava doesn’t only give you nutrients that nourish your health and your immune system, it can actually protect against a wide range of diseases.

Carotenoids, flavonoids,terpenoids and antioxidant compounds found in Guava have anti-inflammatory effects that can prevent degenerative brain diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and even Alzheimer’s.

B vitamins in Guava not only protect your cognitive functions, but also play an important role in regulating your mood and hormones.

Guava, which contributes to the digestive system due to its fiber content, is also a great food for weight loss.

Guava kills acne-causing bacteria for a cleaner skin.

How to consume guava

Guava, an exotic fruit, is a flavor that suits the cheese plate. You can make cheesecakes, sorbets or mini fruit pies with guava. You can use in desserts. You can also add smoothies, juices and fruit salads.