How to Fight against obesity with ten simple steps

You can fight with obesity and win by just following very simple techniques that might be well known to our grand fathers and grand mothers, who keep away from obesity and related diseases and consequences such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart attacks and sudden death. In this article you will find how to fight against obesity with simple strategies.

All you need to do is practice some important tips and tricks through out the day for 7 days in a week. This will keep obesity far away from you if you are still of normal weight and if you are already suffering obesity, you can take 99% chance of reducing the same with in few months. The following are some of the tips and tricks to be followed to achieve your everlasting goal of keeping away obesity:

Say ‘No’ or nod your head and mind to any junk food such as chips, chocolates, creamy foods and dishes including high calorie processed or oil containing or fat containing foods.

Give a great preference to garlic, either raw or cooked in any or all your foods. Get your food a mixed flavor with garlic pieces. Either you can cut them into small pieces or crush it in your mixer grinder or make that as paste and you can apply to the bread loafs you eat or any other food you eat and have a sufficient amount of garlic. The secret behind garlic is that garlic is a natural but powerful fighter or enemy to obesity. That’s all! You are now imparted with 99% knowledge of how you can fight with obesity. Just keep an increasing quantity of garlic usage to the possible but healthy extent in all your consumable foods. Keep in mind that you are not suppose to use processed or readily available garlic or a garlic combination pastes, only natural and fresh garlic is to be used.

Go for a brisk walk every day in the morning or evening and take due care that you do not walk too far so that you may not fall in some other health troubles.

Go to gym every day and do most relevant exercises as per your health conditions and physique.

Have a 4 to 5 hour gap in between your heavy breakfasts, lunch and dinners if you are not a diabetic.

Do not eat or consume any food with a notion that food gets rotten or spoiled or wasted if its not consumed.

Do not eat too much of sugar or sugar content foods.

Have a plenty (3-6 litres depending on your capacity) of water every day (with in a span of 24 hours) apart from that used in food.

Have a complete control on your diet and be health conscious.

Practice the breathing excercise, which can keep you far healthier than you expect.

All the above mentioned data points or tips or tricks are to be best judged and used according to your health and other related conditions and situations so that you can easily fight against or keep away obesity.