Amazing health benefits of fennel tea

Fennel, one of the member of parsley family, is a very useful plant. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains, it protects human health. So, do you know the benefits of fennel to human health? Fennel tea prevents people from some health problems such as eye fatigue and dryness. You can find everything about this plant in this article.

Fennel, which is an indispensable food with its pleasant smell and flavor, was used as herbal medicine in ancient times. It is rich in vitamins A and C in addition to useful minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Fennel tea is made from fennel leaves. The seed of fennel is used to relieve constipation and gas. Oil, soap, ointment and syrup are made from this seed. Flavones and essential oils inside it are the raw materials of many herbal medicines. The homeland of fennel, is the Mediterranean and the Near East and it is used after leaves and seeds are dried. Fennel seeds are very rich in protein. They grow in rocky and arid places. It is locally added to bread making in some places. The most important benefit of fennel plant is to make breast milk. When the seed grows, an onion-like fruit emerges.

Well-know health benefits of fennel tea

Here is the list of health benefits of fennel tea:

According to the results of a study, raw chewed fennel seed increases nitrite in saliva. When this substance enters the blood, it regulates the blood pressure and keeps the blood pressure in balance. It is also rich in potassium, thus increasing liquid components in the body.

When toxins are not removed from the body, they accumulate in the kidneys, intestines and urinary tract. This accumulation causes stones, sand and inflammations. Fennel is one of the most natural remedies that adversely affect this accumulation.

As it is rich in essential oils, it is effective in reducing toxicity in the blood. This toxicity decreases the number of cells in the blood, causing blood pressure as well as anemia caused by iron deficiency. Naturally, fennel prevents anemia.

Fennel is one of the nutrients recommended by experts for continuous computer work. It is effective in protecting eye health. Thanks to vitamin A, it prevents diseases such as eye pressure and dryness.

In order to balance the hormones in the body, the amount of oxygen must be sufficient. In order for balance of hormones, the cells should be supported with a high nutrient of selenium.

Fennel tea consumed in a glass during the day gives a feeling of fullness throughout the day. This is ideal for those who want to lose weight tea. It also reduces the risk of serious stomach diseases such as ulcers and reflux by balancing stomach acid.

It can be consumed for cramped pains during menstruation.

Inflammatory drying effect of fennel tea reduces the infected bacteria in the mouth and teeth.

It cleans the inflammation of the throat by removing the bad breath.

By reducing the number of nerve cells and increasing the hormone melatonin, it provides a comfortable sleep.