6 amazing health benefits of cloves

Clove has many health benefits not only a spice a cure-all for health and pain reliever but also anti-aging effects and the ability to keep cholesterol and glycaemia. I don’t know why my grandmother used cloves so much, but I guess she didn’t suspect how good they were for our health, but she certainly wasn’t wrong to use them to flavor dishes! Here is some health benefits of cloves.

A brief history and properties of Clove

Have you ever wondered what cloves are and where does their name come from? As a child I thought they were linked to carnations, but over time I discovered that nothing came into it. This spice comes from Asia. It is, more precisely, the dried buds of the Eugenia caryophyllata plant, which belongs to the Mirtaceae family. Once dried, the buds look like small nails. In the past they were one of those spices that was literally paid for by weight of gold. In the Republic of Venice there was no merchant who did not include it among his precious goods.

The cloves have a particular flavor, perhaps unique among all the spices. It is strong and pungent due to the presence of eugenol, which is found especially in the essential oil extracted from the plant. Just as this compound has several beneficial properties that make this spice a real treasure for our health, the presence of flavonoids and beta caryophyllene, which is considered to be a natural anti-inflammatory, should not be disdained either.

In the kitchen you can use it to flavor meats and to prepare broths with a strong flavor, but they also go well with vegetables and desserts especially with apples. Don’t forget that they are one of the fundamental ingredients for mulled wine. Putting nails of carnation in our diet is certainly beneficial to health. Let’s see why.

That this spice is beneficial was known from the past. Arabs were the first to realize that its properties were good for our organism. Even today, Indonesians consider it a medicinal food.

Here is the list of health benefits of cloves:

Clove helps digest and relax the intestinal tract

The intake of cloves facilitates digestion, allowing food to pass smoothly along the intestine. This also avoids the accumulation of toxins that causes disorders and diseases. Cloves also boasts carminative properties. It can reduce any ongoing inflammation killing the harmful bacteria that lurk in this stretch.

Clove reduces acidity

In addition to facilitate intestinal transit, cloves has the ability to reduce gastric acidity which is caused by reflux of food and acids during digestion.

Clove helps keep sugar and cholesterol levels under control

According to some studies, cloves can naturally counteract high blood sugar levels. In fact, the spice contains some compounds that act in a similar way to insulin, so they are able to restore normal blood sugar levels.

Other studies have shown that it is also useful for those with high cholesterol. Regular use of cloves allows cholesterol levels to be kept in normal parameters.

Clove relieves toothache

If you suffer from toothache, you can use cloves. It has an almost immediate analgesic and anesthetic effect. A toothpaste including cloves is also very effective. If the wisdom tooth hurts you can try rubbing the gum with a clove or chewing it. It will also help reduce any swelling.

Clove fights against bad breath

If you want a kiss-proof breath, all you have to do is use cloves. Thanks to its antibacterial effect, it eliminates the germs that settle on the tongue and teeth.

Clove relieves joint pains

The pain-relieving effect of cloves is also very useful for soothing joint pain. A quick but effective way to benefit from these extraordinary gifts of nature is to heat a handful of cloves in a pan. Put them into a pan to heat. When they are hot, place them in a folded cotton cloth closed with a lace and form a small bag. Then you can place it on the painful area. Be careful that you do not burn yourself. Once used, it should be thrown away because when heated it loses their therapeutic properties.

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