20 things you should know about avocado

Avocado, the indispensable part of Mexican cuisine, is now everywhere. However, how much do we really know about it? Many of us know that the homeland of it is Central America, somewhat related to Inca cultures and of course how it looks like. Just a little of us know how beneficial it is for human health.

I have listed known and unknown properties of avocado fruit for you. Read and decide how much do you know about it.

Things you know or don’t know about avocado

  1. Avocado has very rich vitamin and mineral content. Therefore, it plays a great role in nutrition of malnourished people.
  2. It is rich in A, C, E vitamins.
  3. Avocado contains antioxidants such as Lutein and Glutathion.
  4. Consuming avocado protects cardiovascular health. It prevents congestion and narrowing of the heart vessels.
  5. Avocado contains monounsaturated fats to lower bad cholesterol in the blood.
  6. It contains more protein than other fruits.
  7. When compared to other fruits, avocado contains higher amount of free amino acids such as asparagine, aspartic acid, glutamine and glutamic acid.
  8. Avocado provides the removal of harmful toxins from the body.
  9. Avocado oil is beneficial for eczema and psoriasis problems with its relieving and moisturizing properties.
  10. It contributes to the healthy functioning of the reproductive system.
  11. With its unsaturated fatty acids, avocado has an anti-cholesterol effect.
  12. With its rich iron content, avocado has anemia-preventing effect.
  13. Thanks to its protein, vitamins and minerals, avocado is beneficial for healthy nutrition of young children and pregnant women.
  14. 100 grams of avocado has approximately 165 calories.
  15. 14 minerals in avocado provide cell renewal. Therefore, by removing harmful toxins that cause aging, it slows down aging and protects the skin.
  16. Avocado prevents the increase of cholesterol in the body due to the amount of unsaturated fat it contains. It is a natural source of healing for cardiovascular diseases. It has healing effect on ulcer.
  17. There are vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, K, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium and zinc in avocado.
  18. Because of the happiness hormone seratonin, avocado is at least as beneficial to our mental health as our physical health.
  19. The high potassium avocado contains gives vigor and relieves you from drowsiness and drowsiness that puts you in depression.
  20. Avocado, which strengthens our immune system, maintains alkaline balance in the blood and makes red blood cells, is also a source of iron.

So you know almost everything about avocado fruit. I believe and hope that you will consume avocado more than ever and include in your salads.

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