16 Incredible health benefits of Goji Berry

In this article you will find the answer of two important questions. Why should we consume Goji Berry every day? What are the inredible health benefits of Goji Berry?

Canadian nutritionist Earl Mindell Lawrence has written over 50 books, including “The Bible of Vitamins”. He says that Goji Berry should be consumed Daily. He claims that these fruits can fight diseases, extend life span and provide more energy and strength.

According to Dr. Mindell, there are several reasons to consume Goji Berry berries daily.

Why is Goji Berry important for a healthy life?

The Goji Berry combats against cellulite and excess fat and improves the condition of the skin. The Goij berries are rich in vitamin C, fiber and polyphenols. Thus they facilitate the basic functions of the body. Goij berries, thanks to their beneficial properties, have been nominated on TV and have been the subject of many magazine titles.

Incredible health benefits of Goji Berry

1. Thanks to the powerful antioxidant action and the polysaccharide molecules contained in the Goji Berry, the body can defend itself from premature aging by neutralizing harmful free radicals. This can contribute to prolonging human life.

2. Goji Berry increases energy and endurance during exercise. It also increases strength especially in the event of illness.

3. This special fruit makes you feel younger. Goji Berry can stimulate the release of HGH growth hormone, which is considered the ‘youth’ hormone.

4. It maintains regular blood pressure. This is very important as hypertension can cause cardiovascular disease and kidney failure.

5. Goji Berry reduces the risk of cancer. It is one of the few fruits in the world to contain Germanium, which is an anti-cancer mineral.

6. It reduces cholesterol. These berries contain beta-sitosterol, a substance that has proven effective in keeping cholesterol levels low. Furthermore, the antioxidants of Goji Berry prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and the formation of arterial plaque. The flavonoids present in the fruit help keep the arteries clean and functional.

7. It helps normalize sugar levels in early diabetes. The active ingredients of Goji Berry have been used for many years in China for the treatment of diabetes in adults.

8. Goji Berry increases the level of testosterone. It improves sexual response in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In Asian medicine, Goji Berry is considered as one of the main tonics for the treatment of this kind of ailments.

9. It helps lose weight: In a research conducted by Asian doctors on obesity, a group of patients took the Goji Berry both morning and afternoon. The results were excellent and most patients lost weight.

10. It eliminates headaches and dizziness. In traditional Chinese medicine, headaches and dizziness are treated with Goji Berry, one of the plants most used to restore the yin / yang balance.

11. Goji Berry fruit improves sleep quality. Red berries have been used in Asia for a long time in the natural treatment of insomnia.

12. It improves eye health. The properties of Goji Berry have been known in China since ancient times for their ability to improve eyesight.

13. It strengthens the heart. This fruit contains cyperone, a sesquiterpene beneficial for the heart and blood pressure.

14. Goji Berry inhibits lipid peroxidation, which often causes heart disease. Cholesterol and other blood lipids can be fatal when they react to form lipid peroxides in the body.

15. It improves resistance to diseases. In humans, superoxide (free radical) is particularly involved in the onset and advancement of diseases. Goji Berry help the body neutralize it.

16. It improves the immune response (T cells, IL-2, IgA and IgG). The immune system is a kind of ‘sentinel’ whose task is to defend our body.