4 delicious Mexican food you should definitely taste

The cuisine of Mexico is pleasing to many palettes. Run now to your nearest taqueria and grab one of these yummy foods. Here is the list of delicious Mexican food.

I like Turkish and Chinese cuisine. I like eating Turkish food, as can be expected, since I live in Turkey. I eat Chinese food when I go out with my colleagues and friends. It was three years ago when I first tasted a Mexican food Quesadillas. It was very delicious. I asked my friends whether they liked Quesadillas or not. Our first impressions were positive about Quesadillas. All my friends confessed that Quesadillas was really delicious. After that day, Both I and my friends searched on other Mexican food. During this search activities, we also found good Mexican restaurants in Istanbul. This article is about my favourite delicious Mexican food.


Quesadillas is the first Mexican food I have ever tasted. It is also the top of my favourite Mexican food. The ingredients of Quesadillas are chicken, potatoes, refried beans, sausage, ham, scrambled eggs, black pepper, salt, butter and mushroom. In some part of the Mexico, cheese is also added. Quesadillas is also a part of Mexican culture and tradition. If you live in Mexico or go to Mexico, you can easily find Quesadillas in every restaurants, stadiums and theaters.


Tortilla is made from finely ground maize or wheat flour. It is one of the symbols of Mexican kitchen. Tortilla is a kind of omelette which is made with layers of eggs and sliced potatoes. Tortilla is made not only in Mexico but also in Panama, USA, South America and Central America. Eggs and potatoes are main ingredients of Tortilla.


Gaspatcho is one of the popular Mexican soup. Unlike Quesadillas and Tortilla, Gaspatcho is served cold. The ingredients of Gaspatcho soup are tomatoes, green pepper, red pepper, cucumber, olive oil, bread, salt and vinegar.


Tacos is one of the traditional Mexican food. Tacos is made from corn flour, meat, chicken and mince. All these ingredients are mixed in a special pot called Taco. Most of the time, Tacos is mixed with spice.